Running time: 55 min
Performed by 4-5 dancers
Technical requirements: check technical datasheet by sending an e-mail to
Minimum space: 6 x 4 m
Venue or outdoors/parade show

BR2 is a light itinerant show.
Year 2222:  the sunlight no longer reaches the planet Earth because of the climate change…but we aren’t completely in the dark!

BR2 robots are entrusted to amuse and nurture Humanity with their light, created from solar rays, a magical light that causes laughter, health and happiness!!!
So, if you see them walk towards them! And above all…enjoy the show! The BR2 (two male and two female) will demonstrate that robots can dance as well…

Artistic Sheet BR2
Direction: Pol y Lluc Fruitós
Female dancers: Clara y Berta Pons
Male dancers: Pol y Lluc Fruitós
Design and costumes: PIERART
Lighting engineer: DYNATECH
Music: KAPI and Jean Philippe Barrios