Running time: 75 min
Performed by 6 dancers and 2 musicians.
Technical requirements: check technical datasheet by sending an e-mail to
Minimum space: 12 x 11 x 7 m
Venue show

Concert Concept is a dance and music show with the aesthetics, technique and positivism of the Catalan company BrodasBros.

In Concert Concept the concept of a concert and the concept of a dance show merge; creating a show that can be performed indoors or outdoors.
It’s a concert with a different concept: the common aspect in a concert is that the music is the main thing and if there are dancers, they are on a second place. However, in this case (since is a dance show), the dancers will be the leading characters of the concert, keeping the musicians not only on a second place, but involving them in the choreography and funny gags.

Two Brothers, two sisters and two b-boys (breakers), dance and cheer the audience up with the help of the musicians’: a percussionist, a flute player and a sax player specialised in beatboxing.

Two very different musical aesthetics: an acoustic with funk and hip-hop, and another totally electronic and futuristic.

There is a talk about the music, the costumes as the choreographies. During the show there’s a wide range of instruments being played: drums set, sax, flute, Cajon flamenco, and scratching, as the Ewi, vocoder/talkvow, mpc and even pads are shot.

Choreographies are very varied and move from the improvisation, to the canons, group effects and there is a great synchrony that keeps the energy and the Groove.

Concert Concept is a show for all audiences, for people ready to enjoy a good combination of dance and music with dynamism and sensitivity.

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