Running time: 50-60’
Performed by 5 dancers and a musician
Technical requirements: check technical datasheet by sending an email to infobrodasbros@gmail.com
Minimum space: 6×4
Venue or outdoors show

Hipstory is a playful and didactic show, and as it’s title indicates, tells the history of hip-hop, the dance history as the music’s from the Sixties to today.
Through choreographic explanations and funny gags five dancers and a musician show the differences between the following styles: Popping, Locking, B-Boying…
Beat box, Scratch, and funk music (artists such as James Brown, Cool and The Gang…) are mentioned.
The audience will have a very active participation during the show. The young performers, with their artistic level, will introduce us Hip-hop’s language stories through dance.
This piece brings close the young ones to the dance world. Although, the show is based on very simple situations, they offer a quality choreographic language and performance. The dancers pass on the eagerness on dancing hip-hop and its positive message