Running time: 20 min
Performed by 2 dancers
Technical requirements: sound equipment
Minimum space: 8 x 6 m
Venue or outdoors show

In 2014 the Fruitós brothers start a new phase, they decide to go back to the Brodas essence to continue their path. Searching and carried by a more contemporay choreographic dramaturgy to the one we are used to see them using, they propose us a duet about brothers complicity. A choreographic work with a mixed language, without barriers or limits, using popping, locking, break and modern dance techniques.

These brothers story is curious because from long ago they have shared most of their passions such as hip-hop, bodyboard, snow sports…Each of them has his personality and they are different in many aspects, but dance has brought them together in a very special way.

Solo2 is a “solo” created for two people, two dancers who look for compenetration, balance and harmony, but at the same time they seek for the necessary space to avoid suffocating one another without stopping to be there. There’s a sentence that defines this piece: “to be always there”, when everything is all right, when everything is fine, when everything is going badly, when you’re surrounded by many people or when you’re alone. Being always there doesn’t mean to be annoying or omnipresent, it means to back or help but also to fail and heart the other. In body and soul, in a small and big scale, the difficult thing is to be always there at the precise point, achieving the suitable complicity at each instant.

“To work with my sons, who know what they want, hasn’t been easy; but achieving what the three of us like is fantastic!” ANNA SANCHEZ.