For the fourth consecutive year Brodas Bros continues to foster this company of young people to whom they want to pass on their knowledge about urban dance and culture, and also about the artistic profession in general. Technical and artistic work is carried out throughout the course with a group of 18 young people aged 10 to 16. They receive training, classes, experimental workshops, and performances of all kinds. The La Mercé festivities, the Water Polo World Championships, Funkids with a Black music Big Band, charity performances and in particular, a theatre performance is created in Ca L’Estruch at the end of the year where, in addition to the choreographies by Brodas, young people create their own performances. Thus, they experience themselves the difficulty of creation, execution and staging.

“Dance awakens the spirit, the imagination and creativity.
Young people have been able to experience the whole process from scratch, to see what it means to build an entire stage production and learn the steps to be followed and the difficulties to overcome.”
Clara Pons

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