Hipstory is an entertaining and educational spectacle, and as its title indicates, it explains the history of hip-hop, both the dance and the music, from the 1960s until today.
Through choreographed explanations and comic gags, five dancers and a musician show the differences between the following styles: Popping, Locking, B-Boying…
They will also talk about Beatbox, Scratch, Funk music (artists such as James Brown, Kool & the Gang…).
The audience will participate very actively during the show. Talented young performers will tell us about the language of hip-hop culture by narrating stories through dance.

The performance will bring young people closer to the world of dance. While still simple situations, they offer a quality choreographic language and performance. The audience will feel a variety of sensations and emotions. The ‘performers’ will infect them with a desire to dance hip-hop and its positive message.


Artistic direction: Lluc Fruitós
Dance and choreography: Berta Pons, Clara Pons, Pol Fruitós, Lluc Fruitós, Carlos Carmona (cover: Marc Carrizo)
Beat boxer and musician: Guilliam Sons
Production: Sara Manzano
Management: Marta Olayo

with the support of:

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