A co-production by Kukai Dantza and Brodas Bros

Four young people meet in a square somewhere. Music plays and the young people set out dancing. Some are trained traditional Basque dancers; others, hip-hop dancers. The street –the space where they live– brings them together. BRODAS BROS & KUKAI DANTZA present TOPA – Nuevo Street Show.

Nominated for the Max 2018 Awards for Best Street Show and Best Female Performer (Clara Pons)

Four performers come together in a dynamic and energetic formation, preserving their artistic origins in an Urban Dance performance where the urban space becomes a stage with the active participation of the audience.


Choreography: Jon Maya & Lluc Fruitos
Dancers: Lluc Fruitos, Clara Pons, Ibon Huarte, Urko Mitxelena
Music: Jean Phillipe Barrios
Costumes and sets: Ikerne Jimenez

“Traditional dance and urban culture share the street as a natural space for expression. The plasticity, musicality, physicality… of their performances make the two disciplines rich and adaptable to a context in which both social traditions meet with a shared language. As a choreographer it is a very attractive challenge to work on this experience that combines traditional Basque dance and dance with an urban tradition”.

Jon Maya, artistic director of Kukai Dantza

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