A co-production by Brincadeira and Brodas Bros

This time, they bring us a very poetic and energetic performance along with the Brincadeira percussion company. VIBRA talks about connections, the main instrument is the drum, but an electric guitar, two drumkits, a hang and even a melodic voice create the sound track, a combination of acoustic and electronic music.

Hip-hop, popping, locking and breakdance choreographies that are so characteristic of Brodas Bros will of course be there, but this time they will surprise you with a more mature perspective.

In the end, it’s all heart, soul and connection.


Authors:: Brodas Bros and Brincadeira
Artistic direction: Lluc Fruitós
Dance and choreography: Berta Pons, Clara Pons, Pol Fruitós, Lluc Fruitós, Marc Carrizo
Direction and music composition: Edison Aguilar
Music performance: Edison Aguilar, Ferran Sampler, Carla Fernández, Ruda Answer
Direction assistant: Jep Meléndez
Stage design: Carles Piera
Puppet building: Eudald Ferré y Aina Vela
Costumes: Brodas Bros
Lighting design: Jordi Pérez
Sound design-sound concept: Miguel Bazan and Adri Carreras
Music collaboration: Jean Philippe Barrios
Music collaboration – Vocals: Marta Gallego
Production: Sara Manzano
Management: Marta Guzmán

Working with Brincadeira has taken us in a new direction. Leading or going with the flow, connecting with yourself and with others, seeking to show our soul, making our choreographies as natural as possible… Are factors that have led us to create more mature work. It has been a very natural process where we’ve been able to notice a development and growth for some time that we wanted   to turn   into    a performance in this direction, and by connecting with Edison Aguilar and his musical worlds we’ve been able to do that.
We may come from different worlds, but we have a lot in common: from the eagerness to grow, create and constantly improve, to the desire to break down barriers and stereotypes.

We also like to share the social aspect that both Brodas Bros and Brincadeira share.

This is what motivates us so much, not just acting but also offering masterclasses, workshops, jams, street performances (which is where all this came from) creating

new audiences and offering people from each town, city or neighbourhood the chance to enjoy and better understand what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

A co-production by Grec 2016 Barcelona Festival, Brincadeira and Brodas Bros.
With the collaboration of Espai Musical La Bàscula, Ca l’Estruch de Sabadell, Teatre Zorrilla de Badalona, Mama Mandawa and Meinl.

With the support of Institut Catalá de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC).

with the support of:

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